transformative practice

Leah Gipson | Artist, Educator, Art Therapist




What it's about:

Each t-shirt creates an opportunity for community. This Art T-shirt promotes the west side of Chicago as a place where community members have a relationship to art and each other; where art is a platform for critical dialogue and change. Each person who purchases and wears This Art T-shirt becomes an art collector and activist by using her or his influence for economic and social justice.


How it works:

When you purchase a t-shirt, the money is reinvested into West Side Art Chicago generative projects. The remaining money goes to support the local artist to continue making art and a selected community member or arts-based organization committted to the west side.  


Your $15 t-shirt:

$4 to cover materials and supplies

$5 toward the cost of the next generative project

$3 to the project's artist

$3 to this project's west side "grantee" artist/organization

 Copyright 2013 Leah Gipson